Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I know of a little place in Sevilla known as ESLAVA.

Located in Alameda, Calle Eslava, 3, 41002 Sevilla, this place sure does deserve all the praise it gets. It is a tapas bar and most of the people who frequent this place are the locals but you know me and other tourists, we do love a good tapas bar with excellent food and excellent drinks and service.

Let me warn you though, this place gets packed and packed and wait times can be longer than even 2-hours but don't loose hope coz the wait is well worth it. For us (Carol and I) figured how to navigate the crowd but also, knew most of the waiters by name. Thank you Alex for being awesome. So best place to sit, the bar or better still, you can stand. So squeeze yourself and get a place to stand and just enjoy the good food and the excellent wine as your order one tapas after another.

Everything on the menu is excellent. Since we came here everyday for the 5 days we were in Sevilla either for dinner of lunch - btw, we learned between 12.30 - 2.00pm when they open is the best time. Still busy but less busy, we got to try everything on the menu. A couple of things stood out for us and we ordered them everyday, the pock ribs, the clams with garlic and olive oil, un cigarro, pork cheeks and scallops.

Here are a couple of pics to warm your mouth away. Ohh and the prices, €2.80 - €8.00.

Clams with garlic

This worn an award....

Pork cheeks

Desert....so good
So if you happen to come to Sevilla, I know of a little place called ESLAVA that you can step in and eat your heart out.

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